Residential Program

New Life has 13 homes in Franklin County for people with a variety of disabilities. Agency staff assist people with skills such as cooking, homemaking, money management, and personal health. Each home has two to three persons all assisted by staff through each day.
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Day Program

Our day program is designed to provide engaging and stimulating activities for persons served, allowing them opportunities for constructive expression of their personalities. We organize regular events to enhance community participation. We also offer classes presented by staff in areas such as daily life, personal health and safety, social skills, communication, arts, crafts and career skills.
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Supported Employment

"Helping Make Goals a Reality"

As part of our effort to help people become better integrated with their community, we encourage our individuals to seek local job opportunities. If you have any interest to help provide a work experience for an individual in your business, please contact

Supported Employment is designed to assist people with developmental disabilities in finding employment. We are seeking support from the Franklin County community so we can make this goal a reality for many of the men and women served by New Life.

To ensure the success of this unique program for the employer and the newly hired employee, a New Life Job Coach will accompany the new hire as he/she begins the initial employment phase to reinforce on-site job training. The job coaching can be ongoing for as long as necessary.

The New Job job coach has been trained to provide assistance necessary in a working environment. He/she facilitates transportation needs and helps to strength communication between the employer and the new hire.

Employer Benefits
• Efficiency - Frees staff from working entry level positions
• Cost Savings - Saves advertising expense and lengthy interview process
• Reduction in turn over
• Screened applicants
• On-Site job training
• Highlights company as a socially responsible corporation i.e. corporate diversity
• Tax credit for hiring individuals with disabilities 

Art Program

New Life offers individuals a variety of art classes taught by our very own staff. People are taught to channel their talents and creativity in their art, and exhibit and sell their works on a regular basis, and have won several notable awards. If you have any interest in a commission or exhibition opportunity, contact: Michelle Hill at

Personal Assistance

For people who need assistance on a day-to-day basis, we have a personal assistant program. Our assistants help individuals in their homes with tasks such as cleaning, grocery shopping, and leisure activities.